New experiements in layering text and ephemera

I just re-found lots of old ephemera whilst cleaning out the studio – just a sample of new experiments – particular like the subdued piece with the old letters from the 1920s – I picked these up from a charity shop ages ago and were from a family member who corresponded with a friend India. Hope that I did justice to that friend relationship – bet they never thought that their letter would turn up in pieces of art…..


and a very different piece still in progress

In progress


Painted Papers

Am right into the Jane Davies Colour Course – here she’s got us painting textured/patterned papers to use in our collage experiments next week – this is an amazing online course for anyone interested in mixed media!

Crumpled paper before ironing (800x517) Pattern on deli paper (800x401) Pattern on greaseproof paper (800x450)

These were all painted on a selection of deli, greaseproof and drawing papers – they will all be ripped up and collaged on our masterpieces next week!!! Can’t wait………………

Last chance to view my exhibition at The Art House, Crouch End

Extended to Sunday, 14th September – if you haven’t had a chance to get down there its been extended for another week….




Crouch End’s fabulous ArtHouse welcomes local artist Helen Kaminsky in her first solo show as the 2nd Art in the House exhibition in in association with blink pop up arts. This popular mixed media artist shows a joyous collection of vibrant canvasses & framed collages, including new works especially created for the ArtHouse.

‘I am particularly drawn towards abstraction and representational imagery which allows me to employ an amount of experimentation and creative freedom.

My work has evolved to interact with the observer as I like to keep a sense of mystery within my paintings, for the interpretation to change with each viewer’s own imagination, changing over time with the shifting thought processes.’

Helen is a self-taught, busy artist working on many commissioned pieces; her work is regularly purchased by art collectors locally and internationally.

Recent awards include The Society for All Artists “Artist of the Year” for Across the Bay (Highly Commended) and Red Angel (Commended). Helen was also selected to exhibit, ‘Tsarina’, shown here today, at the Society of Women Artists Open Exhibition at the Mall Galleries, London.              

All works available for general sale. Contact Sue Irwin-Hunt: 07989 346131