Inspired by Ann Blockley

After buying a copy of Ann Blockley’s new Experimental Landscapes book I was totally hooked. Landscape isn’t usually one of my subjects but looking at all those wonderful paintings of Ann’s and her approach to mark making and mixed media just got my creativity flowing…… here are 3 pieces which I actually re-worked from some totally different, unresolved paintings …

Autumn Glow (800x637) First Snow Flurry (632x800) Moorland Dawn (800x609)

They are all works on paper, 50x60cm, using various media plus collage


Getting ready for Xmas Fair up in the frozen north of Bolton

Each year I take a trip up to see my Sister and Brother in Law ‘up top’ in the charming village of Egerton,  Bolton – the weather can be pretty blustery but the warmth sets in at the lovely Xmas Fair run by Sue at her Pilates Studio in the Village – so far I’ve created 70 encaustic Xmas cards for the event. These beautiful, bespoke cards are formed by trapping dried flowers in layers of pigmented wax then embellished with oil pastel and a bit of glitter (it is Xmas after all). I’ve posted a couple of examples here but due to the texture of the medium the pictures do not do them justice.

DSC_0165 DSC_0166 DSC_0172

… and for sale at only £2.50 each which is pretty good when you consider the effort and work that has gone into them.

I’ve also finished 30 miniature watercolours 5″ x 7″ for sale at £10 each – examples below:

DSC_0142 DSC_0144 DSC_0146 DSC_0177 DSC_0180 DSC_0181

Now I can relax HaHa

Peep Board Project for Earl Haig Hall

Earl Haig Hall in Crouch End will be celebrating its first birthday on 30th October with a Fairground Horror theme…

We’ve had a great time creating a Peep Board for the event as you can see a ‘before’ and ‘after’ peep….. we are now waiting for the ‘peeps’ to be cut out to finish the job!

DSC_0186 DSC_0187

1st Birthday Weekender

October 30 @ 12:00 pmNovember 2 @ 11:00 pm

Earl Haig Hall,

18 Elder Avenue, London, N8 9TH United Kingdom

HAPPY BIRTHDAY US!! We have got lots of fun packed in for this weekend celebration. Party on the 30th – seaside peepboards, quintessential seaside snacks, arcade machines, Bikini Beach Band, sugary treats, and a little touch of Hallow’s Eve horror. 31st – All hallow’s eve. 1st November, we are closed. – Save yourself for the Sunday…..when 2nd November – anniversary roast and birthday party for all our Crouch End (and beyond) family and friends to say thank you for our…

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Mark Making Workshop with Hertford Art Society

It was pleasure to be invited to an October session of Hertford Art Society’s weekly meetings held at the Cowbridge Halls, to run a demo and workshop on mark making techniques. The turn-out was great and the material produced of a particularly high standard. Members were asked to bring an image to work from and a variety of mark making tools – NO BRUSHES were allowed.

Marks 1 (800x559) Marks 2 (800x556)

After a brief demo on my favourite mark making tools (above) we were all set to go!!

Here are some of the results which I found to be extremely inspirational…………………..

DSC_0117 (800x605) DSC_0118 (800x533) DSC_0119 (645x800) DSC_0120 (800x444) DSC_0121 (800x485) DSC_0122 (800x563) DSC_0123 (800x649) DSC_0124 (800x529) DSC_0125 (800x541) DSC_0126 (683x800) DSC_0127 (800x451) DSC_0128 (798x800) DSC_0130 (800x510) DSC_0131 (800x501) DSC_0132 (800x499) DSC_0133 (800x652) DSC_0134 (800x500) DSC_0135 (800x512) DSC_0136 (544x800) DSC_0137 (800x590) DSC_0138 (528x800) DSC_0139 (553x800) DSC_0141 (671x800) DSC_0142 (490x800) (2) DSC_0143 (800x529) DSC_0144 (800x520)

Thank you Marie and Maureen for the opportunity to gain an insight into your truly talented and group….