Mark Making Workshop with Hertford Art Society

It was pleasure to be invited to an October session of Hertford Art Society’s weekly meetings held at the Cowbridge Halls, to run a demo and workshop on mark making techniques. The turn-out was great and the material produced of a particularly high standard. Members were asked to bring an image to work from and a variety of mark making tools – NO BRUSHES were allowed.

Marks 1 (800x559) Marks 2 (800x556)

After a brief demo on my favourite mark making tools (above) we were all set to go!!

Here are some of the results which I found to be extremely inspirational…………………..

DSC_0117 (800x605) DSC_0118 (800x533) DSC_0119 (645x800) DSC_0120 (800x444) DSC_0121 (800x485) DSC_0122 (800x563) DSC_0123 (800x649) DSC_0124 (800x529) DSC_0125 (800x541) DSC_0126 (683x800) DSC_0127 (800x451) DSC_0128 (798x800) DSC_0130 (800x510) DSC_0131 (800x501) DSC_0132 (800x499) DSC_0133 (800x652) DSC_0134 (800x500) DSC_0135 (800x512) DSC_0136 (544x800) DSC_0137 (800x590) DSC_0138 (528x800) DSC_0139 (553x800) DSC_0141 (671x800) DSC_0142 (490x800) (2) DSC_0143 (800x529) DSC_0144 (800x520)

Thank you Marie and Maureen for the opportunity to gain an insight into your truly talented and group….


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