Messing with colour at our Saturday ‘get together’

Good job the walls are being painted (proper decorating!!!) as we kind of got carried away with colour this week!

DSC_0006 (2)

and here come our creations which we could retitle ‘This Way Up’????? They are open for interpretation – well most of them…

DSC_0005 DSC_0003 DSC_0002 DSC_0001 DSC_0011 DSC_0009 DSC_0010 Next week its the GELLI Plate!!!


Ever tried printing on a gelli plate….

it’s awesome, you can make your own as they are quite expensive but I think well worth it. Its malleable texture allows you to stamp in images or lay on all sorts of mark-making bits and pieces – these are some of my images I made when just starting – so you can see the kind of pieces you can produce. Now the difficult part I have to work into these to give them more texture and gorgeousness – I hate this part…

Gelli plate 1 1st press Gelli plate 1 Gelli plate 2 Gelli plate 3

…Oh What Fun We Had…

Great Saturday morning workshop with 2 friends (Alex and Sue) in the middle of darkest, deepest January!!! Any excuse to make a mess and Sue now has to decorate and repaint the kitchen wall!!!! Using only black, white and grey with sweeping gestures on LARGE paper – here we go…

Saturday workshop 2 Messing 4 DSC_0007 messing 3

and here comes Sue – check out her ‘BUNNY’

DSC_0006Scribbles 1 Sue's Bunny

…and Alex with her er ….CAT!… and check out that eerie figure in image 2

Alex working There's a figure emerging Alex's Cat

Next week – we look at colour – don’t paint the wall yet Sue!!!!

Journaling Fresher

No doubt you have all read about the increasing trend in journaling – setting out your memoirs, creative play and lots of doodles!!! Well, I finally have made the plunge and started to join this expanding community. Its a little difficult at first once you get your first explorations down then it can be quite addictive. I’ve decided to not limit my contents or even to streamline them into any particular category apart from what I feel like doing at the time – so here are my first efforts which you can see are quite different from one another.

Journal layout

Traditional Journal Layout

DSC_0009          Lily study

Two Flower Studies


Maestro – brushing up on my figurative skills: in collage and felt tip

I also have started a journal in my studio making lots of gorgeous backgrounds on blank pages with my leftover paint and any residue on the palette …… images to come later.