More experiements with watercolour and Brusho

Can’t seem to stop working with Brusho – I love its deep pigments and versatility with other media (collage, watercolour, acrylics and inks). Here are 3 more paintings (I seem to have a wood theme going on) – the last 2 aren’t my usual style but a change sometimes can be refreshing….Bluebell Chorus, Towards the Tor and Woodland Stream.

Bluebell Chorus (2) (528x800) Towards the Tor (800x597) Woodland Stream (516x800)


Hot Off the Press

Been experimenting with watercolour and Brusho – these 2 finished today – great fun as I don’t usually work with watercolour as I think it can look wishy washy but I’ve incorporated a bit of silver, collage and Brusho pigment to make them more vibrant!

A Bird in the Bush (800x647) Queen of the Hedgerow (800x644)

A Bird in the Bush and Queen of the Hedgerow