Getting Ready for June Extravaganza!

Just realise I have only 5 weeks to go before the 1st onslaught of art fairs/exhibitions etc starting with the Crouch End Festival in June, then a week later Fair in the Square, Highgate plus solo exhibition at the Queens and 2 group exhibitions with Suraya Arts and Islington Art Society!!!

Busy making encaustic greetings cards and fridge magnets for the 2 fairs, 25 magnets and 45 cards just finished. These images are formed by trapping pressed petals into pigmented wax and then further embellished with oil pastel and embossing powders. Thought I’d post some pics of the process.

Encaustic Waxes

Encaustic waxes (800x450)

Cut paper ready for wax application

Ready for 1st application (800x450)

Loading the iron with melted wax

Melting the wax (450x800)

Applying to the papers

Applying the wax (800x294) More (800x356)

Adding the petals

Pressed petals (800x450) Laying on the petals (800x369)

Covering with tissue for protection

Covering with tissue (800x351) More protection (800x315)

Some close-ups

Close up 4 (310x800) Close up 2 (423x800) Close up (489x800)

Embellished, adhered to card and outlined

Outliner (800x450) Examples (800x450)

Finished pieces, named and packaged

Examples 2 (800x450)

Fridge magnets ready

Fridge magnets (800x450) Magnets 2 (800x450)


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