Helen Kaminsky

Bio: Born in Manchester in 1951, art has always been a passion for me, but due to personal circumstances I opted to leave school at 17 and pursue a career in travel, hoping to return to my vocation as an artist a little later. However, it wasn’t until I moved to London in the 80s that I started to paint again, first as a hobby and then more seriously. I have now been painting professionally for 10 years. My work has evolved through various mixed media techniques: photo transfer, water media, collage, acrylics and acrylic mediums - to name but a few. I am particularly drawn towards abstraction and representational imagery which allows me to employ an amount of experimentation and creative freedom. I work intuitively, often with no set goal in mind apart from a strong composition, placement of a focal point and a pre-defined colour scheme. I keep my mind and creative process open to changes and new directions as I work through the piece developing what I love and modifying parts that don’t work. I have developed my style to interact with the observer as I like to keep a sense of mystery within my paintings, for the interpretation to change with each viewer’s own imagination. This way the painting will always be a source of creative visualisation, changing over time with the shifting thought processes. I see my role as a tutor is to encourage and support my students – I will not tell them HOW to paint, but TO paint, have a go and see what happens, be open to wonderful surprises and learn to be a child again. The HOW will follow with each student developing their individual styles. Mixed media is a perfect platform for a myriad of possibilities and experimentation, providing endless scope and excitement. This is what I love about teaching; watching my students cultivate their own creative freedom and see the smiles on their faces. Art is there to be enjoyed, art is FUN.

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