Mini Pebeo Mixed Media Workshop

5 of us try out the new Pebeo mixed media paint range on tiles, mini canvases and acetate – the wine was an extra addition!!!

DSC_0066 (640x360) DSC_0072 (640x360) DSC_0076 (640x585) DSC_0078 (592x640) DSC_0079 (631x640) DSC_0083 (640x282) DSC_0090 (640x318) DSC_0091 (640x639) DSC_0092 (640x360)


Pebeo Mixed Media Workshop

Had a fascinating day at the Society for All Artists (SAA) yesterday. An amazing workshop with Pebeo demonstrating their new mixed media range, the effects were just gorgeous and of course I got very messy!!!! Here are some pics from the workshop and examples of what the paints can do.

Study in textures The Grand Tree

…and a huge canvas that we allDSC_0014 DSC_0015

joined in on

Other effects

DSC_0010 DSC_0005 DSC_0004

Speed Painting

Loving my new Jane Davies online course! Lesson 2 – speed painting. Here are a couple of before and after pics, theĀ ‘before’ laying down paint in 20 seconds and using expressive marks with graphite and theĀ ‘after’ masking areas with opaque paint, veiling with paint and using transparent glazes to let some original marks show through……. I did 12 of these in 1 hour.

1a 1b

2a 2b